Our Vision:

Taylorville Junior High School, in collaboration with parents and community, will provide a safe learning environment and inspire our students to become career-ready independent thinkers and problem solvers utilizing community resources and technology.

Message from the Principal

Welcome to Taylorville Junior High School!  The faculty, administration, and staff hope you will enjoy your educational and extracurricular experiences while you are a student here.  

As a junior high school student, you are expected to become more independent and take initiative to work out some of your own difficulties when they occur.  Learning to work with your teachers and fellow students is a big part of your growing up experience.

For the majority of students, junior high school is a fun and memorable life experience.  Getting involved in activities whether it be classroom or extracurricular can make being a student at this phase of your education even more rewarding.  We hope you will take away many fond experiences from attending Taylorville Junior High School.

From all of us here at Taylorville Junior High School, we are glad that you will be with us for the coming school year and wish you every success as you travel this road in your educational ladder.

Mrs. Jessica L. Miller, Principal