Welcome to the nurse's office!


Our goal at Taylorville Junior High School is to provide a safe environment that promotes optimal health for all of our students and staff. Please help your child succeed by sending them to school well-rested, well-nourished and fever-free. Teach and encourage your child to maintain a clean body, clean hair, brush their teeth daily and always put on clean clothes in the morning. Personal hygiene is essential for good health and self-esteem. Promote regular, punctual attendance to help your child achieve his/her maximum learning potential. After five unexcused absences per semester, a note from a physician is required. The same applies to any contagious illness or hospitalization which requires a physician's note stating that the child is well enough to return to school. Preferably, bring in your excused absence notes as soon as possible. Please contact or meet with the school nurse if your child has any special health problems (such as food or environmental allergies, seizures, diabetes, dietary concerns,...) Individual health care plans will be developed by the school nurse to adapt to the student's special health needs, as well as share these concerns with appropriate staff members.

Illinois Department of Public Health requires the following:

  • If you are new to an Illinois school for the first time, you must provide an eye exam or waiver.
  • If you are entering 6th grade, you must have a State of Illinois Certificate of Child Health Examination (physical), proof of receiving one dose of Tdap (defined as tetanus, diphtheria, accellular pertussis), proof of one dose of meningococcal vaccine (MCV4) on or after 11 years of age, proof of having received 2 doses of varicella vaccine, three doses of Hepatitis B vaccineand a dental exam or waiver. Your child may be excluded from school after October 15th for noncompliance.
  • Sports physicals must be current yearly for all students trying out or playing any IHSA (Illinois High School Association) sport. These physical forms must be kept in the nurse's office.


Please help us in ensuring a healthy environment in which your child can flourish. Keep your child home when he/she is either sick or injured and notify the office with the reason for the absence. Logging specific illnesses assists the school nurse in tracking multiple illnesses in a classroom or group of students. Make sure that your home, work and cell phone numbers are current and call the main office if any changes are made throughout the school year.


If your child needs to take any medication during the school day, a Medication Administration/Self-Administration Consent Form must be on file with the nurse.
A link to this form appears at the bottom of this page.

Hearing and Vision Screenings

Hearing and vision screenings will be performed on all new students, all special education students, all 8th grade students and any student referred to the nurse by a teacher. These screenings will be held in September and October each year.

Dental Health

Miles of Smiles will provide dental care to students that qualify in May of each school year. Permission forms will be sent home with your student.


Students may carry a water bottle or use cough drops at school with a note sent from a parent to the school nurse.

Physical Education

Two days of physical education may be missed with a written note from a parent. For more than two days, a note from a physician must be provided stating why the child must refrain from physical activities. See the school nurse for a P.E. pass if needed.

Let's have a great year and remember, the single most effective prevention against the spread of germs and disease is hand washing!

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Dental Wavier

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